Considering taking Modafinil? Here’s what you need to know

Modafinil is a prescription drug given to counter sleep problems. It is classified in a group of medications which keep the user awake. The mechanism of its waking action is similar to that of drugs like amphetamine but not entirely. In addition to helping you stay awake, it increases dopamine levels in the brain which cause mood change among other euphoric effects. The problems treated using the drug includes difficulty staying awake during work hours. Some who work during the night may also have trouble staying awake.

How it is used

The range of application of Modafinil stretches from home where you can buy your prescription and use it on yourself to hospitals. In health facilities, it can be given to patients who are critically ill in the wards. Such patients are at a high risk of suffering from sleep apnea: A condition that causes the patient to cease breathing when they sleep making the slumber very uncomfortable. The patients receive the drug through the breathalyzers. It also has other uses that your doctor can advise you on.

What you need to know or do before or when taking Modafinil

Before starting your treatment, you have to talk to your doctor as a precaution to determine whether you are eligible to buy Modafinil. It can put you at risk if you are under some other medications or have medical conditions.

One thing to avoid is alcohol and other drugs including stimulants. Make your doctor aware of your history with street drugs, if any. Talk about your health conditions like heart problems, chest pains, and allergies. Since it interferes with hormone adjusting pills like birth control, it should be avoided by pregnant, soon-to-be pregnant and breastfeeding women.

If you are already taking Modafinil, you should make your healthcare providers aware. Tell your doctor, nurse, dentist or pharmacist. This may be important when you go into surgery for instance.

Modafinil is an oral pill administered once a day through the mouth. It doesn’t cause harmful reactions in the stomach and can be taken before or after meals. The best time to take the pill is in the morning to improve activity. In any case, you miss your dose wait till the next one. Depending on the time your shift at work begins, you can take the pill before you check in to work instead.

The best effects will be realized when you consistently maintain the time you take it in a day as advised by the doctor. Even after you’ve seen some change, continue taking them until the dose is complete. Abuse by increasing dosage or frequency may result in addiction or tolerance.

Side effects

Some of the side effects are quite severe and have restricted the drug from being used on kids. Conditions like the Steven-Johnson Syndrome which is a severe rash on the skin that leads to hospitalization. Other side effects include nausea, bad headaches, allergic reactions like wheezing, itching skin and kidney or liver problems. In some cases, even hallucinations have been reported. If you experience any of these, you should call your doctor.

Where to buy modafinil

It a prescription drug which can only be bought with a doctor’s prescription at the pharmacy. There are plenty of options for online vendors as well but you must be careful. To protect yourself, only buy from registered vendors. They offer different prices; discounts shipping costs which can help you decide which vendor you work with. Online modafinil vendors include AfiniliExpress, DuckDose,, and Modafinilstar among others.

What to Look out for in an Etizolam Vendor

What is Etizolam?

Etizolam is a fast-acting depressant containing psychoactive compounds. It is traded in various brand names such as Etilaam or Etizest, and in many parts of the world, it is administered over the counter. In the United States, Etizolam is allowed for research purposes but not yet acknowledged as a medical drug. The drug is legal in most of the European Union but is controlled in Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark. Interestingly, it is illegal in Britain and Japan. The drug is known for its hypnotic and sedative properties and is, therefore, used to treat anxiety and insomnia as an alternative to benzodiazepines.

The drug is easy to find legally:

  • From online chemists and legal vendors
  • From the chemist in your neighborhood

In many cases, ordering online is simple and convenient since most vendors will have it delivered to your doorstep. Such sellers also have a reputation to keep and are unlikely to supply low-quality products. Nonetheless, physical shops have the advantage of allowing you to view what you are paying for. You can also ask the sellers more about the drug, how to use it, and other extra tips.

It is important to only buy from trusted sources to avoid counterfeits and low-quality products. The applies to both physical shops and online etizolam vendor. Among the most important things to check out is to check the brands on offer. Some are known to be of higher quality than others. Choosing those brands over others can help you dodge a possible fake product.

Where to Buy Etizolam Online

There are numerous online pharmacies selling various etizolam brands. However, it is important to select your vendor carefully since not all of them could be trusted. While there is no shortage of suppliers, it is crucial to select one that has experience and knowledge of pharmaceutical products and one who only stocks quality ones. Therefore, avoid cheap darknet sources which cannot be trusted to follow-up on quality assurances. Etizy and EtizoLab are among the leading and trusted suppliers of the commodity for a number of reasons:


  • Same day shipping for orders placed before 1:30 PM PST
  • Three available brands (Etizest, Etilaam, and Etilee)


  • Global delivery
  • Three trusted brands (Etizest, Etilaam, and Etizex)

Etizolam Forms Available

Conventionally, etizolam is shipped in 1-2 mg tablets or in powdered form. The best option though is the tablet form since it already has been packaged in the proper dosage. If the drugs are without packaging, it should raise an alarm because that might not be the authentic brand.

The Best Type of Etizolam

Various licensed manufacturers of etizolam ship the commodity in various brands. They include:

  • Etilaam
  • Etizest
  • Etizex
  • Etilee

If you are a consumer without the chemical knowledge, sticking to the well-known brands is a safer option than trying out the powder. Etilaam and Etizest seem to be the most popular brands at the moment.

How Etizolam Works

The drug magnifies the GABA neurotransmitter by binding to the benzodiazepine receptors. The end result is a calming effect since the GABA receptors are the primary inhibitory receptors of the brain.

Physical effects

  • Sedation
  • Euphoria
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of motor coordination

Cognitive effects

  • Suppressed anxiety
  • Cognitive euphoria
  • Emotional suppression
  • Amnesia
  • Thought deceleration